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How to Build a Home Gym

Academy Staff
6 min read

Are you just taking the first steps on your fitness journey? Or are long work hours leaving your evenings stretched thin with a need for more flexibility to work out at home?

In the video above, Fitness Influencer Emily “Breeze” Watson cites these workout essentials for building a home gym for beginners:

Working out at home might be a regular part of your current fitness routine, but over time (and with the same workout equipment) those daily routines can feel repetitive, and your motivation may start to wane. Even worse if you do the same workouts every day your results will inevitably plateau. If this is the case, it’s a great time to consider refreshing your home gym equipment with new fitness innovations, classic home gym essentials, and workout recovery options.

Get Connected with Smart Fitness

Imagine taking a run through the beautiful streets of Prague after work or starting your Sunday morning off coasting through the mountains of Costa Rica or rowing through the English Channel…without ever leaving your home! Do you prefer working out in a class or group environment, but don’t want to drive anywhere? You can also bring the group class experience into your residence. All this is possible with smart and connected fitness.

Connected fitness allows users to build a community, enjoy new workouts, and push themselves to new limits with ProForm cardio machines – such as treadmills, rowers, bikes, and ellipticals – featuring the innovative iFit technology. iFit provides an interactive and immersive workout experience with unprecedented convenience, flexibility, and unlimited workouts to make sure there’s never a dull moment on the pathway to your fitness goals.

Add Kettlebells to Your Home Gym Setup

While we initially think of iron plates and dumbbells for strength training, if you’re looking to mix up your workout with a new piece of equipment, consider adding a kettlebell to your free weight assortment. As cited by Emily in her video, kettlebells can be much more versatile in contrast to a standard dumbbell, often working multiple muscle groups within one movement for a total body workout.

In addition to strength training, you’ll find yourself racking up a healthy number of calories burned since the kettlebell’s unique shape forces you to engage and build up your core as well as other stabilizing muscles.

Recovery is Part of Every Workout

If soreness and fatigue are interfering with your commitment to a workout schedule, listen to your body because you may benefit from more consistent recovery periods. Why is post-workout recovery important? As Le Egwuatu of Fit Foodie Le notes in her video below, muscles grow and build during resting time, not during the actual routine.

EXPERT TIP: Don’t skip the recovery period, including rest days. Skipping recovery leads to greater potential for injury, decreased workout performance, and overtraining.

Le’s Top 3 Post-Workout Stretches:

  • Lunge with a spinal twist
  • Cat to Cow Stretch
  • Child’s Pose

Recover faster with the latest technology from Therabody, including massage guns. Their wide assortment of percussive massage therapy devices is designed to treat deep muscle tissue for pain relief and faster recovery, whether recovering at home or on the go. They also provide full recovery routines to ensure you’re getting the most benefits out of your device. Other recommended recovery items include foam rollers and rolling massage balls.

For even more workout recovery tips, watch Le’s full video below: